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California CalHFA Program is a self-governing California state agency in the California Department of Housing and Community Development. Founded in 1975, the agency offers housing loans with low interest rates through the sale of tax exempt and taxable bonds. California Calhfa operating costs are paid by service and origination fees as well as difference between the interest charged on the loan made and the interest paid on outstanding debts.

California down payment assistance The areas that have benefitted from CalHFA housing assistance include mortgages with below-market interest rates, down payment support for homebuyers who are purchasing a property for the first time and loans for multifamily rental housing development. These financial products received funds that came from the sale of revenue bonds protected by the principal property and by the mortgage products. The agency also provides funding for other activities through selling general obligation bonds.

California CalHFA’s Divisions

Single Family Division

California down payment assistance Homebuyers with low to moderate income can receive home financing with low interest rates from CalHFA Single Family Division. This division can also provide assistance for the closing costs and down payment.

Asset Management Division

California CalHFA’s Asset Management Division, on the other hand, is focused on the management of multifamily rental developments financed by the agency. California down payment assistance Every project is carefully monitored. Everything about its occupancy, physical and financial compliance with different regulations in California is supervised by the agency.

Multifamily Programs Division

The agency’s Multifamily Programs Division is responsible for providing permanent funding for the new construction, rehabilitation, preservation or acquisition of rental housing. This includes affordable rents for individuals and families with low to moderate income.

Programs Offered by California CalHFA

California CalHFA offers various programs to meet every need.

CalPLUS Loan Programs

These loan programs feature a California CalHFA first mortgage with fixed interest rates that is insured either on the standard market or through FHA. California CalHFA  CalPLUS loans are fully amortized for a thirty-year term. These are combined with the California CalHFA ZIP or Zero Interest Program to provide individuals with assistance for their down payment.

Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program

California down payment assistance ECTP is designed for classified employees, eligible teachers, staff members and administrators working in high priority institutions in California. It provides a loan amount of three percent of the sales price. Borrowers can use the money for their down payment.

Cal EEM and Grant

This loan program combines an FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage with an extra four percent grant to help individuals enhance their properties with energy-efficient upgrades.

California Homebuyer’s Downpayment Assistance Program

California Homebuyer’s Downpayment Assistance Program provides a loan amount of three percent of the acquisition cost of assessed value that should be used for closing costs or down payment.

Mortgage Credit Certificate Tax Credit Program

California down payment assistance MCC can reduce one’s possible federal income tax accountability. This creates additional net income that California CalHFA  homebuyers can use for their monthly mortgage payment. California down payment assistance This program helps California CalHFA homebuyers who are purchasing a property for the first time convert a fraction of their mortgage interest every year into direct dollar to get a dollar tax credit on their income tax returns.